Can be used to plot OptPaths where information for bi-objective evaluation was logged for repeated runs of different algorithmic runs. Pretty directly calls eaf::eafplot().

plotEAF(opt.paths, xlim = NULL, ylim = NULL, ...)



List of list of OptPath objects. First index is the algorithm / major variation in the experiment, second index is the index of the replicated run.


The x limits (x1, x2) of the plot.


The y limits (y1, y2) of the plot.


Passed on to eaf::eafplot().


data.frame Invisibly returns the data passed to eaf::eafplot().


We changed the defaults of eaf::eafplot() in the following way: The axis are labeled by y.names, colors are set to our favorite grey values and linetypes changed, too. With our colors / linetypes default it is possible to distinguish 6 different algorithms. But this can again be overwritten by the user.